'Window Box'

Framed original
25" x 18" including frame and mount

For Sale

Price includes back-lighting

This design was done specifically as an Easter card for my greetings card range.  It has always been a popular choice of card for all sorts of occasions - it just cheers people up!

The glass in the window was a challenge and I used a special technique that I have developed to achieve the right look.  Hot wax goes right into the cloth and protects it from any subsequent dye.  When the wax is put on cooler, it protects the front of the cloth but doesn't go through to protect the back.  If I then dye the cloth on the back with a mid grey, the dye is able to catch all the areas where the cooling wax hasn't penetrated right through to the back the cloth.  This gives me a shading effect which I use often in my work.

This piece is currently for sale in my '50 Years of Batik' exhibition