'Marks & Spencer Calendar and Diary'

14" x 12"

Not For Sale

It was a great accolade to be approached by Marks & Spencer to design their 1992 calendar and diary.  These sold so fast that sadly I never actually got to see them on the shelves, as they had already sold out when I went to my local M&S.  Maybe that was my mum's fault - that year all her friends got one for Christmas!

I worked closely with the production team, doing hand-lettering for all the writing and numbering.  I chose the border colours and produced small original Batiks specially for inserts and page headers.  I even went to watch them being printed on the massive press and was able to check and adjust the colours of each page as they came off the press.  No digital printing then, just good old-fashioned litho.  What a memorable day that was. The press was HUGE printing all four colours (CMYK) one after the other in one long run.  Awesome!