'Canterbury Cathedral'

Framed original
42" x 43" including frame and double mount

For Sale

Price includes back-lighting

This was my first major architectural piece.  I was asked by the cathedral shop to produce a Batik original of the cathedral to reproduce on greetings cards, prints and paperweights for them to sell in the shop. 

The drawing alone took me a week, simplifying and stylising the architectural details.  I then had to develop a technique using wax to portray those fine details in the gothic stonework.  The narrowest line my finest tjanting (wax pen) will draw is about 4cm, so using that for the very finest details in the stonework, it then determined the size and scale of the finished work.  As a result, it is one of my largest pieces!

My father Bishop John Robinson (author of Honest to God) was born in a house in the precincts of Canterbury Cathedral (his father was a canon there) and my granny lived in Canterbury all her married life.  As a child I got to know the magnificent cathedral and its grounds from many visits to granny, so it holds a special place in my heart.

This piece is currently for sale in my '50 Years of Batik' exhibition