'Sunset Gondola'

Framed original
16" x 12" including frame


This was done from a photograph I took, as my mum and I came home one evening on a vaporetto across the lagoon, after a long day exploring the islands.  The sun was setting behind the San Salute and I waited to click the shutter till it shone through the windows of the dome, as I knew it would for only a few seconds.  Just at that perfect moment, this silhouetted gondola crossed the sunset reflexion on the water.  It was a stunning image!

There's something incredibly exciting, after a week of intense work, to scrape off the wax, iron out the excess and then hold the finished work up to the light.  'Venice Sunset' turned out so much as I hoped it would, totally capturing the memory of that moment, it caused a sharp intake of breath!  Every now and again I do a piece of Batik that has a bit of magic about it, that 'wow' factor and this is one of those.  

Sadly this piece is sold but if you would like to talk about commissioning one like it, email me