'Venice Sunset'

Framed original
30" x 24" including frame and mount

Not For Sale

One of my first large Venice pieces, done following an early trip with my mother.  It had been raining hard, St Mark's was flooded after the Acqua Alta and we had crossed it on raised walkways.  We made our way along the Riva della Schiavoni, tired after after a long day, just as the sun was setting behind the San Salute church, shining through the windows of the dome.  The light from the dying sun caught the surface of the lagoon and was reflected in the glass of the lamp stands.

It became a popular greetings card, often used for sad occasions but I see it as a picture of hope, not sadness.

I gave the painting to my mother as a memory of a wonderful trip and when she died, I brought it home and it now lights up my life.