'Venice Reflections'

Framed original
14" x 12" including frame


This, one in a series of small Venice studies, sees me once again working on reflections in water which have intrigued me all my Batiking life.  The water is defined by the shapes, almost a mirror image of what's above, but with that lovely watery liquid shimmer to the edges.  As I work with liquid wax, I try to float it on quickly to give the natural liquid shapes when it cools.  It's very difficult!

This also shows another technique I frequently use in my Venetian studies.  After protecting the white sky and water reflection and all the grey stonework, with hot wax, I paint broad vertical brush-fulls of different colours, like a water colour wash.  When that has dried I wax in the different houses, then dye the water with dark grey to make the reflections the same colour but a deeper shade than the buildings they reflect.

Sadly this piece is sold but if you would like to talk about commissioning one like it, email me