'The Green Boat'

Framed original
15" x 12" including frame


On my last trip to Venice with my mum, she liked to go off in the afternoons to galleries or museums, leaving me and my camera free to walk over every bridge and down every alleyway of this amazing city.  Who needs to be shut inside galleries when he world outside is so beautiful?

I couldn't believe my eyes when, down what looked like a complete dead end, I came across this arched river entrance with this stunning view.  It was such an unknown backwater that no boats had passed and the water was glassy smooth, the reflections like a mirror.

The green boat was moored quietly in the glassy smooth water with its amazing reflections, perfectly placed with the side canal and bridge behind. The light was perfect.  I clicked the shutter (proper 35mm film camera in those days!)  - and ten seconds later an Italian youth came razzing through in his flash speedboat, shattering the calm, the reflections lost in the churning waves.

Sadly this piece is sold but if you would like to talk about commissioning one like it, email me