'Lions and Cubs'

Commission, Lampshade
12" diameter x 8" high


This major piece was commissioned after the client had seen my 'Elephants' lampshade.  She asked me to make a similar one with lions and cubs going all round the shade.  It was quite a challenge, the drawing on its own taking over a week to complete.

Even more of a challenge was the order of the colours.  I needed soft browns for the lionesses and cubs and tawny and dark browns for the male lions.  I was aware I also needed to throw in a green in the middle for the grass - a tricky task.  I was very bold with the crackled sky.  As with the elephants I worked terracotta into the cracks to get that African heat haze.

This lions design is one of my 'wild animals' series which also includes tigers and zebras.

Sadly this piece is sold but if you would like to talk about commissioning one like it, email me