'Gladstone's Library'

Commission, Framed original
54" x 40" including mount and frame


In 2011 I was contacted by the warden of Gladstone's Library to discuss a commissioned portrait of the exterior of this impressive Grade 1 listed building in Flintshire.  The exterior view would have made a relatively straightforward commission, however, when they showed me inside - wow!  I was bowled over by the magnificent interior of the library and told them I could do it.  A challenge I just couldn't resist!

This was by far the largest and most difficult piece of work I had ever attempted, so big, it only just fitted on my back-lit work table.  It took many weeks and many sleepless nights to complete and it now hangs proudly in the dining room of the Library, where you can visit, have lunch and see it, back-lit in all its glory.

The Library, which Gladstone had built for his own huge collection, now houses many theological books, including those of my father.  In 2011, they catalogued his archive, previously held at Lambeth Palace and opened the "Bishop John Robinson' room.

Making the Batik

Find out more about the making of this, my largest and most challenging piece of work to date, with details of how it was done.

Sadly this piece is sold but if you would like to talk about commissioning one like it, email me