'Art Nouveau Poppy Lampshade'

Commission, Lampshade
10" diameter x 7" high


This is one of a pair of lampshades, one with red and one with orange poppies, that I was commissioned to make for a fan of the Art Nouveau period.  I loved making them and was delighted with how they turned out, although the waxing of the background was fiendishly difficult!

I have used the Batik crackle effect particularly on the background as it reminds me of the 'crackle' glass produced in the Art Nouveau period.

It would of course have been tempting to make just one panel of the design, leaving the rest crackle background but I particularly like the intricate flowing style of the design going around the whole shade - all six panels!

It set me off on a series of other flowers designs, irises & lilies, in the same 'art nouveau' style, both as lampshades and framed pictures.

Sadly this piece is sold but if you would like to talk about commissioning one like it, email me