'Art Nouveau Panel'

Framed original
16" x 12" including frame

For Sale (without back-lighting)

I absolutely love Art Nouveau especially the flowing whiplash lines of the early period.  This design is adapted from a brass jug I have which was made by J Sankey in the early 1900s.  I collect anything I can afford of the period and if each piece I buy inspires me to do some new work and I sell the resulting Batik, I can buy more original Art Nouveau pieces -  that's the plan anyway!

The colours I used were a combination I had never tried before.  Who would guess that bright orange on top of wedgewood blue would make a lovely rich terracotta?

I really liked the rough border where I had been testing the colours while I was working, so I decided to mount the finished original onto a white cotton background and frame it complete.

This piece is not back-lit, as it has plenty of contrast and looks really good lit from the front.